AT&T invited us to #BullsSocialNight for an absolutely epic experience, from playing with NBA Legends, eating in suites and winning free Bulls swag. AT&T is committed to delivering in-arena…



  1. The one time i'm ok in saying "thanks ATT" THIS! other than that…….y'all are awesome….food looks super "dope" makes me want to hop on a flight to Chicago, come see y;all and stuff my face!

  2. You guys make some of the highest quality videos on YouTube. Like at least top 10% of all videos!

    How come people don’t like you enough to subscribe? You guy should have a million subs. Sorry you suck! 😂

    Ps it 3am and I’m drunk 😵

    Night night Sean and Corey

  3. Thank you Corey. Thank you. Thank you for shedding a light on the lack of bread diversity that is an all too common an occurrence when it comes to other food review channels. As of today gluten has a voice and that voice is Corey Wagner.

  4. I love AT&T for doing this for you, but I'd love them FOREVER if they hired you all to film and star in their commercials. Are you reading this, AT&T?

  5. That review was “sweet” get it…Suite! 😄 Seriously dudes, well done and congrats on the hookup. Onward and upward to bigger and better things. Love the uniqueness of the channel as compared to others. #killingit

  6. Dude!! Yum!! And wow they really hooked y'all up!! So awesome y'all are getting invited to do incredible stuff!! You deserve all the love!! Thanks for sharing all this with us!! ❤️


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