Very fast UFO making Impossible Maneuvers Caught on Camera in Australia. Mufon case file ​91411 Read here:…



  1. Joup! The weather observation ball it has got out of the way. The wind gusts throws and carries long distances. Try to understand the amount of scrap what is near the space and how much it is falling all the time. No UFO!

  2. It disappeared at top of screen then reappeared at the bottom…whata load of shit…if it had landed in bunnings carpark an the door opend well lol..but they never do…looks like when some1 is tracking things on a computer with a pointer..👽👾💀👽👾💀👳

  3. that's one of the stupidest videos I've seen yet. I guess you don't get paid unless you post something new every day. the thing is its impossible for these numerous so called UFO channels to post something legit everyday because that many legit events do not happen 95% are FAKE or knowingly fabricated. your making a joke and mockery out of a real phenomenon with these type of videos.


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