In the Vedic literature of India, there are many descriptions of flying machines that are generally called Vimanas. India’s national epic, The Mahabharata, is a poem of vast length and complexity….



  1. Yes ! You are so right ! I am positively convinced that we have been lied to and that some of these Vimanas still can fly. Although many have been gutted and painted over and over again. Take a closer look at the one that was deliberately hidden by or covered over by modern day brick as to hide the details of its sides. Very odd. My question is, how are we going to save them from disaster if we are not allowed near the working ones ?

  2. It's been about 300 years ago when electricity was invented and abandoned in oil lamp, and today has appeared in space. But these periods of 300 years of development there may have been many, the history of mankind. Technology of today is not peak in our history.

  3. 'proof' is kind of a rough word to use. It's a bit more scientific to say 'evidence supporting the theory etc etc etc', this way you have a bit more wiggle room when you need to change your theory.

    Using theories vs. stated 'fact' also allows for a healthy amount of skepticism, that even if slightly disingenuous, makes your work a little more approachable.

    This is coming from someone that enjoys researching AA theory btw, so I'm just being constructive here.

  4. They landed here many years ago, possibly the same time as when the dinosaurs were killed. They may have killed the dinosaurs themselves, and colonized the earth.

  5. hell for all we know there was a race of humans 40 thousand years ago that had trade with other planets and they eventually got so powerful they destroyed them selves.

  6. good clip. I saw ancient aliens debunked and it was nothing but a bashing for profit. Contradiction after contradiction and falsifying facts for some sexual fedish or something. It is not worth the look and promotes hate and violence. Oh Lanny, your comment was incomplete – you forgot 7-11. Oh thanks, heavan. You tube is too busy puting up spam ads, disrupting browsers, and destroying free movie sites to worry about the truth

  7. Wow I thought I was watching Superman with Chris Reeve (the 1 and not only)Steve Reeves and that's Reeves not Reeve no relation or annunaki illuminati conspiracy theories behind it but yeah no relation
    still Chris in my opinion will always be to Metropolis like Joe Montana was for San Francisco and maybe a staged incident at Clark Kent's favorite Mickey D's location, only in Metropolis.
    Sheeva vs. Khal-El but,not on photo-tube pay per view would be a better stage plus we could make $

  8. Probably time travel.!I I do admit though, that the probability of external intelligence, even light years ahead of us, is more likely than our own limited human perspective of reality.To date, we show limited comprehension of expansion of systems, due to current belief systems in place.The galactic universe is surely not limited to our tiny speciesthere are bound to be more intellegent minds that exist in the universe, possibly interacting with us at their lesiure.We have a lot to learn ! thks.


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