Using real history, recorded by the people who were there, the story of the Annunaki.. *note* one part of this video is incorrect, it was not Seth’s children that became the mighty men of old,…



  1. The Annunaki/Sumerian gods are not so called gods or aliens at all but the descendents of Noah. Noahs wife's name was Naamah, Anu's wife's name was Naamah. Noah is Anu. Noah's wife Naamah is the goddess Nammu. Shem's son (Noah's grandson) Asshur built Assyria and is known as the Sumerian god Ashur. Nimrod is Ninurta. Nimrod's son Mardun is Marduk. Enki is Ham and Enlill is Shem the names came from their father in law. Ham, Shem and Japeth's father in law's name was Eliakim (Elohim). Eliakims daughters are the mothers of this world who repopulated the earth after the flood. They were also elevated into goddesses. The wife of Shem Sedequtelebeb bint Eliakim was the goddess Ninlil (also called Sud), the wife of Ham Ne'elatama'uk bint Eliakim was the goddess Ninki.
    The babylon (confused) religion was created by Nimrod who wanted to take over heaven. He was the king/Lord (baal) of Babylon. You also have the Elamite gods/ pantheon these were created by Elam son of Shem and grandson to Noah.

  2. the watchers the watchmen, does anyone actually study the Word or do they believe what they want to, or what the adversary wants them to. worshipping the Beast and His Image without even knowing it and by the way the image of the Beast was his son and all of his descendants up until that tree not planted by God it's plugged up by the roots of course not to be confused with the image of God who is also his son Adam and the son of Adam and all those in between the first and the last or the root the vine and the fruit of the family tree of life, all of these stories that everyone is reading are all about one-tree one family tree, and like all the family trees created by Elohim they are racially exclusive to that tree and the one whose image they were born from and the image of God of whom Adam the man was the Vine or primary AKA Royal lineage of Adam the people or the adamic race, the adversary is not only the one who planted the corrupt seed but it's all of those who grew from the corrupt seed who did not have a nation AKA race of his own and has therefore adulterated with all of the other tree and of course is the elite ruling class over all of those trees aka ethnic groups AKA Nations on the Earth today having many generations ago adulterated or mixed Sataniel or Samiel seed into those Nations in order to rule over them this group is held together by a bloodline which they keep track of through the maternal side the opposite of God's children and their ways of Reckoning. a Babylonian or mixed Nation held together by the fiery blood of their father which is why the adamic nation in America cause it's government Uncle Sam, that's the adversary telling the descendants of Seth that they control your Nations not just this one but all of the Nations promise to Abraham's on adulterated seed who are all experiencing the same things currently a literal flood and the waters you saw our peoples and ethnic groups and languages, the Dominion was taken away from Jacob and his unadulterated to send it's in his nation's that the tribes became by Esau, who sold his Birthright and adulterated his seed with that of the serpent and it is because of that abrahamic blood within the Babylonian Nation and the prophecy given to Esau that he currently has Dominion and is Edom not Adam, the image of the Beast in it's modern form, but as we are told Esau is this age Jacob the next and it is he so who wants to return to that Holy Hill and regain his Birthright which the book of jasher shed some light into why it was sold so easily but of course that fig tree is cursed and will never bear fruit but the Olive Tree of Jacob Israel the unadulterated image and anointed of the anointed one we'll return to that Holy Mountain and live in reign with their kinsman redeemer and father. The Words of Christ which are in parables explains very clearly these things try the parable of the sower for example and are enemy once all of the various tribes of Cain Consolidated into one became a nation on the Earth but only through the power of Rome and of course it was a multicultural Christ killing nation of the little horn image of the Beast liar and murderer the Edomite Herod whose kingdom received the deadly wound that has been healed, the identity of this fault Nation AKA ethnic group is clearly stated many times the Book of John alone will shed light on this topic specifically John 8 44 as we know according to scripture that the tribe of Judah descended from the unadulterated man named Judah or of course all unadulterated AKA pure, it is impossible to remain a part or a branch of the Tree of Life if your fruit is not pure and that has a certain physical literal meaning rather than the common misconception that it's a reference to one's behavior only. in order to understand all you have to do is be willing to accept the truth and then open up the books and read willing to always search for the proper terms and definitions of which are all clear and simple, once the desire is kindled. Most worship Molock Chinn aka king Cain and his father or progeny, the beast image rather than Molock Zadeik or Melchizedec the King of Righteousness. Molock is nothing more than a bad Mis transliteration of the Hebrew word for King which is usually rendered Melek but of course should be translated as king only terms and rules associated with the identity of Who's Who are broken in relation to the translation of the ancient texts. The key is DNA, the latter to heaven

  3. This judgemental and wrathful 'god' is a jealous god who apparently lacked the power to create, only to corrupt. HIS advocates are so very much in evidence 'by their fruits' today. Misanthropy, Misogyny, abusers of technology advancing The War on Terra.

  4. Eve was tricked with the fruit of the talking serpents loins and she went to Adam and said she got a man from the Lord then she tripped out on with the same fruit of his loins then they knew they was naked Kane is the evil seed of Eve and the serpent the Grapevine band able was of Adam and Eve

  5. The first minute and already I have no idea whats going on. Instead of reading it, try talking about it. Your listeners will enjoy it, not tune out, and not lose interest.

  6. why is it necessary to jump around in the bible when explaining meaning? It's like looking thru an alminac collection and finding all the info to prove a point. y is the bible stories all mixed up?

  7. Once you accept the earth is flat as stated in the bible then you likewise accept there is a region called hell inhabited by the disgraced dead or the ungodly dead. These forces can manifest on earth spiritually and physically. They can become aliens or UFO's or what you like. They are your annunaki. Demons from the pit or the nether regions of the earth. The boundary between the physical and the spiritual is blurred. They can possess people to varying degrees or they can manifest as different things. The bible has many instances of their magic.

  8. something was going in before and after noha.that settled down when the earth was rubbed out like a page…and the few rewritten history.and if you keep talking and reading and hearing the samething over and over your docternated in life as truth of wat is ???so the answer is in the volts of truth. smithsonians.and hidden miles underground.supercomputers.hidden scripts that were saved from alexandria libery.and sumer and when the first invaded the perimids they took the first knowlage finds that only the few know… secret….

  9. As in the Day's of Noah, all manner of abominations are practiced today, paedophilia, incest, bestiality, necrophilia etc., and tampering with nature, cloning, genetic manipulation, chimeras and transhumanism. But God shall not be mocked!

    The Sumerians thought that a great domed roof contained the sky, the stars, the moon, and the sun which lighted the cities beneath it; they also believed that below the earth swirled the dim netherworld, the kingdom of the dead


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