William Cooper reveals video footage from the JFK Assassination that throws an entirely different light on the event.



  1. What the hell is he looking at??? I am a Bill Cooper fan but this video and his perception of who assassinated JFK is all wrong. The limousine driver didn’t kill the President, the kill shot came from behind. The Secret Service agent in the trail vehicle is the guilty party. Do your research and you’ll agree, there’s too many facts to state here. WAKE UP!!!

  2. Seattle's Best, Starbucks, and Microsoft; McDonald's, Burger King, Carl's Jr, the NFL Network, Adobe, MGM, Firefox, Facebook, and Google; Tyson Chicken, Chuckie Cheese, Exxon Mobile, Enron, Greyhound Bus Lines, and Walmart; Tillamuk, Red Robin, and Nike; Allsluts and Lotta Burger; Hooters, Chili's, TGIF, Bennigans, Outback, and Alcoa; or Land O Lakes and Duluth Trading?

    Some Corporations seem to have a farther reach and more Influence than others, beyond Wall Street and DC, it might appear.

  3. Shots rang out, Kennedy was hit in the throat, the driver didn't floor it, which is what they're trained to do, as a reflex action. I don't' care if the driver did or did not pull the trigger. Either way, he was complicit.

  4. The government killed JFK and other key political figures as well as william cooper… ur all naive the government is crooked and going to rule us all as slaves if we dont fight them and step them all out of office and appoint all honest sincere officials of our choosing america isnt free its a one world government lets fight for our lives and freedom and upsurp this evil government and presidents. Now god bless and save not only America but the world as a whole!!!

  5. this is so fucking lame. watch the full color high res version of this and you can clearly see the "gun" is actually the sun reflecting off the head of the front seat passenger. this video is just click-bait bullshit.

  6. This is not the only film of the shooting one you can see that the driver was not the shooter look on YouTube and you will see more, but no one know's but the that did it!!!

  7. "I think that it would be very difficult for the driver to hold a gat in his left hand and fire it over his right shoulder while driving the car. Close your hand and point over your right shoulder… thats hard enough, how could someone hit a target with an inaccurate weapon while not looking and driving a car"

    From what I have heard. the Secret Service Agent in the passenger seat took over the steering wheel while William Greer turned and shot Kennedy. This would explain why the car came to an almost stop at the time. The agent in the passenger seat could take over the wheel, but not the gas peddle.

  8. I think that it would be very difficult for the driver to hold a gat in his left hand and fire it over his right shoulder while driving the car. Close your hand and point over your right shoulder… thats hard enough, how could someone hit a target with an inaccurate weapon while not looking and driving a car? Theres something else to this, I think ill watch the other parts too

  9. Damn you just threatened to kill the president of the united states??? why cause he's black? or you think he's black he's a half breed and if you know he's illuminati then you know he's a puppet remember he's half caucasian and related to george bush he's in that bloodline through his mother but you like all caucasians cant stand to see a non caucasian in power even though he's half caucasian you ronald reagan fucked up the economy george bush to but you arent talking about shooting them

  10. and yes this video is very convincing, if i only watched this video and no other videos, i would believe it too, but this is not the only video ive seen, i agree in this video is does look like a man with a gun, and if this video is the only video i had, then i would agree with you and bill cooper, but this video was made a long time ago, and now in 2013 we have better video techniques so with those new techniques, you can see it was the passangers head glare from the sun, jus look it up an see

  11. for the record i love bill cooper and all his works, im a huge fan huge, but unlike most people i am honest in all of my opinions, i dont just jump on the band wagon and believe it just because a reliable man like bill cooper said so, and yes bill has always been very reliable and truthful with all his works, but he got this one wrong my friend, its been proven wrong over and over again by modern video enhancing techniques, just look up youtube videos of the video enhanced and u can see

  12. If I think to kill obama maybe the best place is to be his driver while shots from different direcction distract the people's attention there just then I will turn backward and aim my cia's gun explosive(special gun) and blow his head away but remember obama is illuminati president it will never happen to him.it is only reserved to a special and democratic persident of the united states as was jfk.

  13. Well it's been another 25 years since this film and not much has changed except for the extreme degradation of American politics and the ongoing push for political correctness.

  14. JFK was NOT killed by the driver, this conspiracy was brought forth before the time of reliable digital enhancing video techniques, the conspiracy was hatched due to the grainy low quality video that was originally released, in the original video does seem to look like the driver had a gun, but modern more high quality video have shown that the image that seems to be a gun is actually the glare from the sun off of the passengers head, sorry bill u got it wrong, but we still love ya RIP bill.c

  15. im still thinking shots were fired from the grassy knoll fence area, because alot of people ran up to that area just after the head shot, they saw or heard something from there…

  16. i dont think it was the driver because wouldnt alot of people have seen him do it, i mean mrs kenedy was right there..so was the governor and the passenger next to the driver ! i mean it seems Unlikely that he would do this is broad daylight, but he did slow the car down just before the fatal head shot.

  17. Oh and one more thing…. Dont forget that his head gets blown away the minute the driver turns around..Because of that one cannot simply say its not the driver when cooper says it was a ELECTRICAL PISTOL THAT EXPLODED his head after the gunshot

  18. 1.it would be more logical that the driver drove faster the first time he got hit and 2. its strange that only his wife tries to run and everybody else is calmed and drags her back 3. IF ANYBODY KILLED A PRESIDENT (THE MOST PROTECTED MAN ON EARTH) ITS GOTTA BE GOT DAMN GOVERNMENT YOU IDIOTS. 4 . this so-called gunman doesnt prove anything. the video is to damn bad. Im a big fan of cooper though . RIP my man.

  19. William Cooper was a crazy fucking nut… It is very clear that President Kennedy was shot from behind because it blew the front of his head out and forward. There is NO way that the driver could have shot Gov. Connally (the front passenger) from behind and on his right side. Cooper was so miserably wrong about the Kennedy assassination he has none of the facts correct. Don't you think that the CIA would have just given him a drug to mimic a fatal heart attack rather than so much publicity.

  20. watched this about 20 times and still can't make it out, how can he base something so serious on footage that can't be seen clearly. Surely if it was filmed there would be a clear black and white copy somewhere where you'd see every detail of what was going on. Just for the record, I do believe he was murdered by his own government/rothchilds. But would be good to see a better video to base that evidence.

  21. I do believe it was a conspiracy, however it wasn't the driver.that was sun glare off of the passengers head.but I will say this about the driver and the front passenger.their reaction to the first shot was very suspicious

  22. Look at the real footage, not this blurred version. The driver never raises his arm, what they say is a gun is the sun reflecting of the passengers head. Maybe not just Oswald but not the driver. Solving a crime with flat out lies makes you question Coopers intent.


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