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  1. Even if they were able to depopulate the earth, where would all the souls go? The cycle of reincarnation is as natural as the shifting seasons, and the super occult Illuminati knows this. I think the more otherworldly our tormentors are, whether ET or hominid, Reptilian or Nephilim, the more they are spiritually knowledgeable. As a believer in Buddhist philosophy, the only theory I can entertain right now is that the strange species comprising the Illuminati is taking advantage of karmic backlash, which is a stream of negative events which will purge out in any case. They are turning a crisis into an opportunity so to speak, as we have seen repeatedly with Hegelian Dialectic false flag events to promote societal control and take away civil rights. As a result, they sadistically play with the planet… seemingly above karma themselves! If they are, as I suspect, spiritually advanced by virtue of their ET dominance, what do they understand that we don't?

  2. just like Bible says, "A prophet is NOT without honor save in his own country"…Bill was absolutely a prophet and many of his fellow countrymen did not honor the true words he spoke. BUT NOW THEY KNOW#

  3. the 1 in the us it's weird that obama visited the middle east long before he became a politician he was being groomed for his presidency long before anybody knew who he was just like Clinton

  4. I'd love to just knock out the power of the BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox etc and replace it with re-runs of Cooper's broadcasts and Bible studies. We would all really learn something.

  5. I love how William Cooper's broadcasts wer so down to earth. Hearing the phones and faxes going off. Like Bill said "everyones awake now" hahah priceless. I wish it was that easy don't you?


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