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  1. Just yesterday I thought about Pre-existing reality were your living in your own sims universe.mostly you make your own universe how you live how your born the all before your born in your own sims universe

  2. I do not like ZionismI do not like anti SemitismI do not agree with nor want them anywhere near me in my life or in my loved ones lives yet HERE IT IS SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF MY REALITY I do not agree nor want any of this crap, yet, here it is A REALITY I DO NOT WANT OR LIKE OR AGREE WITH……..YET HERE IT STILL IS! this reality is  a shared group reality…… Tell the souls trapped in GAZA that their reality is all their fault their reflection.Bollocks David imperfect logic/truth

  3. In my mind, I get this image…

    Words, as in the announcement of speech is like a stone being dropped, tossed towards or thrown in…the mix that is the water (or atmosphere, both contain water in various forms & levels as do we)
    Depending on the word or words being said aloud & the weight they carry, truth (as in the size of the stone, it's "mass") will determine the ripples you create by how you deliver it (your attempt, throw, striking range/distance)

    The Stones Throw:

    If you drop it…it acts like a pebble goes nowhere & has little to no effect, like a whisper in the wind won't carry very far or much, hard to detect or receive.

    If you toss it…it becomes known, presence is felt & possibly seen to some. The ripple effect or rings in the water showed weight, truth, like in a conversation between to willing foes.
    One can say or feel, "I catch your drift"

    If you throw it in…well now you're just YELLING! Creating waves!
    Your words become boulders rather then simple stones, they cause damage or chaos in all directions.
    "Heads Up!!" will be the only message sent or result this way, who's gonna catch that wave, it's bound to create tidal damage! lol

    I don't see truth being chaos…nor does it require yelling (stronger signal, vibration) as it will set you free, you just have to be willing & able to accept it, catch it, ride it, become one with it…stand over it yet understand it lol

    If one is a transformer/transmitter/receiver, then focus on your receiving ability, "your hands" if you will…then you will eventually get to your feet & get your head above water.
    You'll stand tall & become a beacon of knowledge, fearless of the waves being created by others.

  4. All of your fears, self doubt, biases, stereotypes, prejudices, are taught to you. Someone told you these and you believed it. These are foreign to your nature. Question the origins of your reveries!

  5. So what must i learn from # pizzagate. I felt quit happy until i heard the most awefull stuff done to children. No way i created it with my fealings. Do i missunderstand this?

  6. Whilst there is merit in making internal changes which do indeed affect our external reality, David actually dismisses some of the real external reality. In spite of whatever iternal changes we might make and their positive effects on our external world, there is sometimes, a bastard who comes along uninvited and does you down anyway. This sort of thing is part of reality and we don't create that.

  7. Thats Satanic….Norment Vincent Peele..The Pastor of Trump was responsible for this Idea..His book "Power of Positive thinking" set the tone and the create your own reality. He was a 33 degree freemason.

    YOU ARE NOT GOD. Satan wants you to be like god and do whatever you want. You should never think you can create reality…Only god can do that

  8. as a ceo of few companies and experience of young people or even older, just GO TRY! STOP being in front of the TV and and asking yourself if you can do whatever! Move your ass and do it, try it, if it do not work, search why, and go again! but stop looking at that tv! go outside!


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